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Xxentria side panels add robust cargo protection

Xxentria, a manufacturer of specialized metal composite panels, has been providing quality manufacturing for over 20 years. Currently, Xxentria is the largest producer of metal composite panels for North America. In the commercial truck transport industry, Xxentria makes G-Bond panels, which are used in the construction of Great Dane trailers.

The maker stands behind its quality standards, which are much more stringent than competitive trailer panel manufacturers because Xxentria must also meet the demands and varied uses of the architectural, electronics, medical and automotive industries it serves.

Great Dane with Xxentria panels
Xxentria panels are used as wall panels in Champion CP trailers and door panels for dry freight trailers with swing doors—and they are better by specification because Great Dane uses .019 steel skins while most other competitive trailers use .016. Great Dane trailers use 8 mm overall thickness panels, which means they are thicker and stiffer compared to 6 -7.5mm panels that other trailer makers use.

The steel that Xxentria uses is generally higher strength than competitive trailer makers use for their panels and the G90 coating inside and out provides extra corrosion resistance. In a head-to-head cyclic corrosion test, Xxentria's paint system outperformed other industry options as well.

Xxentria's wall and door panels are flatter and more consistent than competitive trailers so their appearance is superior and they are easier to rivet, leading to more consistent riveting of the trailer panels. Customers who purchase Great Dane trailers are not only getting all the other best-in-class features that Great Dane offers, but also with Xxentria panels, customers know they have Great Dane quality and support behind them.

So why specify a trailer with Xxentria panels? Because Great Dane engineers believe the Xxentria panel is a better quality panel than other options for trailers—and they have done extensive monitoring and testing to prove it.