Savannah, GA,
09:46 PM

Win-Win Strategies

Tribe specs Great Dane trailers to benefit their customers, their drivers, and their fleet

"Overall, our partnership experience with Great Dane has been outstanding from ordering, production, scheduling, delivery and equipment performance."
att Handte, Executive Vice President

Founded in 2005, Tribe is one of the fastest growing minority-owned carriers in North America. Outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment, specializing in deep-frozen and temperature-controlled transportation, the company is committed to its strong customer relationships, cutting-edge technology, and savvy business strategies. Because of its heritage and beliefs, Tribe has a strong commitment to improving the quality of life for all people through economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

According to Matt Handte, Executive Vice President, "Tribe, from its inception, moved from a vision of its business to the reality of putting revenue-producing equipment on the road through our partnership with Great Dane. We believe Great Dane manufactures one of the best reefer trailers available in the market today. All of our first generation trailers are still on the road producing revenue and working as flawlessly as the 2016 model-year trailers we are putting in service and out on the road today."

Partnering Strategies
Part of Tribe's strategy of doing business is partnering with a single-source supplier to minimize total cost and improve overall quality, and they have established that partnership with Great Dane and continue to build that relationship through their local retail location. Handte reports that Tribe is approaching 400 trailers in 2015 and, as the company moves to close out its calendar year, will have 155 additional trailers already on order for next year, which will increase their trailer fleet to 555 Great Danes.

Realizing ROI
"The fit, finish, durability and low maintenance costs for us means less down time and greater utilization for revenue production, which would improve anyone's ROI," says Handte. "The way we spec our trailers also allows us to be more efficient than the competition because we can pre-cool faster and hold our deep frozen air to meet our customer's requirements. It also benefits our drivers who now spend less time waiting to pre-cool and more time driving—so they earn more money. It's a win-win for our customers, our drivers, and our fleet."

He goes on to say that the company has also partnered with Great Dane to improve the overall fuel economy of trailers by reducing aerodynamic drag, which was a result of studies the fleet had performed on its equipment. "Great Dane was willing to partner with us and has made these changes based on our findings."

"Overall, our partnership experience with Great Dane has been outstanding from ordering, production, scheduling, delivery, and equipment performance," Handte adds. "There are many reasons we choose Great Dane as a partner, which includes their dependability, quality and reliability of their product along with our relationship and their unique understanding of our needs. We are proud to be associated and partnered with Great Dane."