Savannah, GA,
11:20 PM

Ultimate Ease: Elevating Delivery

Randall's new Elevated Platform is designed for a mid-trailer side door. The Elevated Platform brings more safety, efficiency and flexibility to side-door delivery. Featuring an intuitive deployment system, no transition plate, and the ability to use Randall straight or folding walkramp parallel or perpendicular with the trailer, this platform elevates and makes deliveries easier and safer. In less than 15 seconds the platform deploys to door-height. Stowing is even easier in just under 10 seconds! It even allows distributors to fully cube their trailer by using the platform as a first-stop safety zone.

"The Elevated Platform concept is an intuitive, highly advanced platform that fully utilizes the platform floor allowing for a safer, more efficient side-door delivery option," said Fred Jevaney, Randall President. Randall Manufacturing's Randall Access products combine advanced materials, innovative design, and progressive features that create a line of access solutions for foodservice delivery.