Savannah, GA,
04:10 PM

Trucking Under Fire

New Report Slams Port Trucking Business Practices

A new report claims to reveal the “enormous scale and shocking costs of an illegal business practice used by employers in the U.S. port trucking industry”

Entitled, “The Big Rig Overhaul: Restoring Middle-Class Jobs at America’s Ports Though Labor Law Enforcement,” it is a collaboration between the National Employment Law Project, the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy and the Change to Win Strategic Organizing Center. The groups are receiving support from the Teamsters Union.

It details years of wage theft, labor law violations, safety hazards, and tax evasion through the illegal practice of misclassifying employee drivers as independent contractors, according to a release.

The groups claim worker misclassification has become the port trucking industry’s dominant business model and describe it as “an unlawful scam amounting to billions of dollars in stolen back wages and lost tax revenue for federal and state governments.”