06:10 AM

Tooled To Perfection

Ever wonder how the exceptional "fit and finish" of Great Dane trailers is achieved? It is a direct result of attention to detail and the creative tool designs provided by the company's Manufacturing Engineering department, which is responsible for equipment upgrades and improvements of the methods and tools used to build the trailers in your fleet.

The right tools are important for ensuring that every trailer built meets the stringent requirements of the customer. For example, the automated torque tools used in the company's trailer construction provide guaranteed consistency for high-quality results. The fivespindle lug nut tooling equipment is currently in use at the Great Dane's Statesboro (GA), Danville (PA), Brazil (IN), Terre Haut (IN), Jonesboro (AR), and Wayne (NE) plants. Without this automated equipment, an operator would have to use a torque wrench to properly torque each lug nut onto a wheel. Applying precisely the right amount of torque is a physically demanding task requiring skill and controlled accuracy. The automated equipment simultaneously tightens five lug nuts quickly and guarantees the proper amount of torque each time. It also records the job for tracking and certification.

When the appropriate tool technology is not commercially available, the Manufacturing Engineering team creates its own automated solutions customized to fit Great Dane's specific needs. Two of the company's engineers have developed and successfully integrated eight original equipment designs into the manufacturing process. The custom equipment is engineered to help maximize quality and consistency. Development of an original equipment design can take six to nine months to complete, depending on the complexity of the project. The process includes approval of a concept, fabrication, testing and installation, and whenever possible, patents are secured to ensure that equipment designs and proprietary technology remain exclusive to Great Dane. That's your guarantee that the trailers you purchase will provide the service and service life your fleet requires.