Savannah, GA,
08:46 PM

The Switch is On

Did you know that aluminum flatbed trailers currently make up about 40 percent of the 30,000-flatbed trailer market today? That number is growing and there are some fairly significant reasons why interest in aluminum construction is increasing. Great Dane has noticed that combo and steel flatbed carriers are switching to all-aluminum to handle increased payloads along with many other practical reasons to make the switch.

What's the big appeal?
Carriers are finding out that aluminum flatbed trailers offer a number of benefits that can make them an ideal choice. Due to current regulations, today's trucks are heavier, which makes the lighter weight of aluminum flatbeds more appealing. With the weight reduction of aluminum construction, payload can increase without overloading. The weight savings of the aluminum construction also allows for the trailer length to be increased —from 48-feet to 53-feet—without gaining weight compared to a 48-foot combo flatbed. In addition, the aluminum construction lowers the potential for trailer corrosion. There are also the aesthetics to consider. Aluminum trailers just look better and have a more modern look that fleets like to project. This is a particular benefit to a public company that may want to attract investors. So while many are seeing the advantage to running all-aluminum flatbed trailers, sometimes it doesn't make sense for all fleets and all loads. Great Dane prides itself on being a flatbed company that has something for everyone, and understands there's no such thing as one-size fits all.The concept of adding 33-foot pup trailers certainly has strong appeal for those fleets that need to meet the increasing demand for freight. The pups, which boost shipping efficiency, may well be the best solution to the growing freight demand projected over the next 20 years.

The Great Dane Advantage
Looking to make the switch? As you do your research, consider Great Dane's proven history of successful products, which includes the advanced technology and design of its high-performance Freedom XP aluminum flatbed trailer. This trailer combines lightweight construction with lightweight components to give customers a flatbed trailer long on performance.