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The Silver Lining

The benefits of ThermoGuard are both real and quantifiable. Inhouse and independent testing over a period of seven years show that ThermoGuard can significantly reduce a refrigerated trailer's operating costs while extending its useful life in most every type of operation.

Improved Insulation Performance and Longevity

Laboratory testing indicates that while traditional liners allow rapid thermal degradation, trailers originally equipped with ThermoGuard show significantly improved insulation performance and longevity. Great Dane testing of in-service reefers with ThermoGuard has indicated a loss of thermal efficiency comparable to just one year after more than seven years of service.

Decreased Cooling Unit Fuel Consumption

ThermoGuard produces significant cooling unit fuel savings in most every type of refrigerated trailer operation, with most operations generating average savings of almost 1,000 gallons over the life of the trailer.

Reduced Cooling Unit Run Time

Better insulation performance can result in saving cooling unit runtime hours and savings in cooling unit fuel costs. Depending on the type of refrigerated trailer operation, testing has shown that ThermoGuard can potentially reduce cooling unit run time 1,000 hours or more over a seven year period. ThermoGuard can also reduce the need to purchase excess capacity cooling units to compensate for decreasing insulation performance over time.

Increased Puncture and Impact Resistance

The inherent stiffness in ThermoGuard comes from its high glass content and the placement of the glass material in the liner. This unique liner offers an excellent combination of stiffness and strength, and significantly better mechanical performance than traditional liners. In addition, ThermoGuard remains pliant over time, so impacts from loading equipment are less likely to cause the liner material to crack or puncture. In comprehensive tests measuring strength and impact resistance, ThermoGuard was found to be one fourth to one third stronger than competitive products. Other tests revealed it has up to 50 percent more impact resistance.

Reduced Trailer Weight

At .070 inches thick, ThermoGuard is considerably lighter than traditional plywood and FRP linings, which can reduce trailer weight up to 200 pounds, increasing cargo capacity and reducing fuel costs.

Trailer Value Retention

With ThermoGuard there is reduced cause for refrigerated trailers to lose value and become less efficient and productive due to decreases in insulation performance as the trailer ages. Additionally, ThermoGuard's puncture-resistant lining helps the trailer maintain a like-new appearance, increasing resale value.

Who Can Benefit from ThermoGuard?

Research has proven that virtually all refrigerated trailer operators can derive some type of benefit from ThermoGuard. However, customers that place the greatest demand on insulation performance will benefit the most from the unique glass-reinforced, thermoplastic liner.