Savannah, GA,
12:00 AM

The Right Weigh

Great Dane platform trailers are engineered to be lightweight while delivering increased payload mile after mile. To make sure you are taking advantage of the reduced weight of your platform trailer, Air-Weigh’s QuickLoad scales can give you on-the-ground weights at the loading site! Instead of relying on cargo weight averages that can vary because of density or moisture, you can be assured that your drivers are loading as close to their legal GVW as possible every trip and maximizing their payload.

With an Air-Weigh scale installed on your flatbed, you will not only be saving money by eliminating check weighs, but also you will be protecting your equipment. By avoiding overweight loads, you’ll be reducing wear and tear and extending the life of your platform trailer. Available on all Great Dane trailers, QuickLoad scale saves you money. See how much by visiting Air-Weigh’s ROI calculator at