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The Freedom XP's bolted construction maintains strength while adding flexibility


Flatbed trailer fleets know that proper load support is essential, and that selecting the right product is paramount to achieving long-term success.

For many fleets the right product is Great Dane's lightweight, all-aluminum Freedom XP model. Unlike competitive products, Freedom XP trailers use a bolted crossmember design instead of welded connections. This is important because welded joints at high stress zones in an aluminum trailer can lead to significant strength loss in the aluminum, whereas bolted construction maintains the aluminum's strength while adding flexibility to the flatbed's connections. That's why airplanes and boats are traditionally riveted and bolted together—to provide a secure bond with less rigidity to prevent cracking.

Because aluminum is heat-treated, welds on aluminum flatbed trailers are prone to stress fractures and cracking. Any flaw in the welding of the crossmember to the web is a potential site for a crack to form over the life of the trailer. A bolted connection is a much "cleaner" connection and is stronger when subjected to fatigue loading—a process whereby cracks form when the joint is subjected to many cycles of otherwise low-stress loads. Bolted construction is also more consistent and much less susceptible to failure under the repeated loading that crossmembers are typically subjected to during the life of the trailer.

Whatever the load, the Freedom XP is built to perform like no other, making them a smar t choice for flatbed fleets far and wide.


Freedom XP
Load Securement Options

The Freedom XP, Great Dane's all-aluminum flatbed trailer combines versatility and innovation with quality workmanship, strength and durability in designs that meet the specific needs of flatbed customers. The following are just a few of the popular load securement options available on the Freedom XP:

• Sliding Winches Standard 4" x 30' nylon strap winch or Canadian style 3-bar winch on double "L" sliding winch track that is extruded into the side rail.
• Fixed Winches Winches mounted between the floor crossmembers are available in multiple quantities.
• Chain Ties Pull-up chain ties mounted in the nail strip for use with chain and binder. These are available in multiple quantities and spaced per customer request.
• Removable Chain Tie System Side rail with track in the top for removable aluminum chain hooks, includes choice of 20, 24, or 32 hooks with a storage bracket on each side of the trailer.
• Rope Hooks Welded to the side rail or under the side of the trailer on crossbeams.
• D Rings Recessed below the floor level.

Custom load securement systems are also possible as Great Dane works with customers to engineer unique solutions to load securement challenges.