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The Essential Role of Semi-Trailer Service Technicians


Perhaps one of the most underrecognized professions in the transportation industry is that of the service technician. These highly-skilled professionals keep tractors and trailers running smoothly so our goods can be delivered on time and safely. The job of a service technician today is more than simply turning a wrench; it’s the ability to quickly recognize a problem and solve it. This means knowing how to properly use diagnostic machines and computer systems to gather and analyze data and then using that data to quickly and safely fix the issue.

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There are many advantages to a career as a service technician, but one unique benefit often noted by industry techs, is the opportunity to work with your hands. In most careers today, people use their hands solely to type on a keyboard, but technicians have the ability to practice the art of craftsmanship, using their hands to solve and prevent problems. While technology has certainly made aspects of the job more efficient, technicians still enjoy the opportunity to engineer and execute solutions to complex mechanical problems.

Challenge Accepted

Recognizing the important role that technicians play and the extensive knowledge and skill needed to perform their jobs properly, Great Dane developed a comprehensive training program for its aftermarket technicians. The company then went a step further and had the program evaluated by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Training Managers Council (ATMC) and received accreditation from ASE through its Continuing Automotive Service Education (CASE) program. ASE accreditation ensures that Great Dane’s training processes are held to a national standard and that the company’s technicians know how to perform maintenance safely and efficiently. This is the first time a semi-trailer OEM has received ASE accreditation for a technician training program.

Great Dane Service Technician Training Program Receives ASE Accreditation

Great Dane’s training program, which includes both online and on-the-job training, focuses on safety, quality, trailer knowledge, maintenance and repair, developing the skills that enable a technician to become a craftsperson. There are three levels for which a person can become certified through Great Dane’s Aftermarket Certified Technician Program: Technician, Specialist and Master Technician. Each level comes with new opportunities, new responsibilities and even some new gear, including jackets, hats and uniform patches touting their certification level.

Great Dane’s ASE-Accredited Training Programs

Another unique benefit of Great Dane’s Aftermarket Certified Technician Program is that it provides similar training to what a person would receive in a two-year program at a technical college, but they train while on the job, so they’re earning a salary rather than paying for school. This makes it a great option for recent high school graduates who are looking to start a career or for experienced technicians looking to advance their careers.

If you’re interested in beginning a career as a Great Dane technician, check out our Careers page to apply today.