06:17 AM

Taking Off Weight

Most fleets want to increase payload by specifying lighter-weight components on their tractor/trailer rigs. The goal of taking weight out of trailers is to increase payload, but structural integrity cannot be lost in the process. Those fleets that are specifying Great Dane Champion dry van trailers with CS1 lining are getting a lighter-weight trailer without compromising strength. This lining is another option from Great Dane that allows fleets to spec their trailer so it weighs less than 13,000 lbs.

Structural integrity
The material now available as a CS1 lining is glass-reinforced polypropylene, which is the main component of Great Dane PunctureGuard reefer linings. It is thinner, yet has a higher puncture strength than traditional HDPE linings. The construction incorporates polypropylene, a thermoplastic, which is reshaped using heat from a panel that's initially flat. This thermoforming allows it to install under the edges of our CS1 posts without fasteners.

Saving Weight
The lightweight lining saves 350 lbs. over traditional HDPE linings while still providing excellent puncture strength. This helps fleets find the perfect balance between weight savings and protection. This addition to Great Dane's lining options is just another spec fleets can add to the already lightweight model year 2015 changes Great Dane has made.

Ideal for specific applications
The CS1 lining technology provides a great solution for applications where a lighter weight dry van body with reinforced construction protects cargo and allows for greater capacity. In addition, the CS1 trailer is well suited for fleets that have high-cube loads or haul floor-loaded cargo.