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Sweet Success Meeting High Customer Demands

What began as a small but thriving bakery in Jackson, Michigan, more than nine decades ago has
evolved into the international bakery supplier known as Dawn Food Products, Inc. Over the years, the company has continually transformed itself growing into a global bakery supplier that provides consistently high-quality goods and services to its customers. Through the years, Dawn has remained true to its core beliefs of maintaining a family business where every individual takes pride in their work.

"The superior insulating properties of Great Dane trailers help us deliver our high-quality products to our valued customers at the correct temperature—ambient, refrigerated, or frozen."
— Jeff Lardent, Regional Ope rations Manager

Meeting customer needs
To meet the requirements of its customers when delivering food products, the company relies on Great Dane Everest CL trailers. According to Jeff Lardent, Regional Operations Manager, "Our trailers are spec'd to cover a variety of needs so we can meet the high demands of our valued customers. We have deliveries that require a variety of equipment—from truck lengths (28ft., 36ft., or 48ft.), to liftgates and multi-temps." In addition, for extra wall strength and cargo protection, the fleet uses Great Dane's proprietary PunctureGuard lining, and LED interior lighting to improve visibility during nighttime deliveries. We operate in all climates, from summers in the Southwest desert to winters in the Midwest and Northeast. The superior insulating properties of Great Dane trailers help us deliver our high-quality products to our valued customers at the correct temperature—ambient, refrigerated, or frozen."

Controlling costs
It is important to the fleet to control costs and the trailers it runs help the company's bottom line. Lardent says, "Costs are controlled by having standardized, reliable equipment with the required specs at all of our distribution centers nationwide. Our diverse customer base requires maximum flexibility of our equipment. We deliver to multiple types of businesses, from some of the largest retailers in the country to small, family-owned shops—many times on the same trailer on the same day. We encounter a wide range of delivery scenarios, from large distribution centers to stripmalls and downtown alleys. Flexibility is paramount.

Reliability and value
"Reliability and value were the reasons that we chose our Great Dane trailers," notes Lardent. Part of that value comes from the company's good relationship with its Great Dane dealer. "Our dealer keeps us up-to-date on advancements in the industry and factory lead times to ensure we have the right equipment when we need it. Our dealer even takes care of the licensing for us."

Customization in a class by itself
Offering extreme versatility, the Everest CL reefer can be divided into as many as three controlled temperature compartments and an ambient section to accommodate a variety of hauls. Whether your operation is in grocery, dairy, multitemperature, or food service delivery, the Everest CL can be customized to meet your unique needs.

Key Features:
• Panel foaming process: the industry's most advanced modular panel foaming process produces a more thermally consistent and superior product.

• Long life floor system: features a heavy-duty, 16,000 lb-rated aluminum duct floor automatically welded to seal out moisture. Composite sills support the floor continuously for maximum support and are anchored by sill screws that employ an organic multi-layer coating system that resists corrosion. An impact-resistant thermoplastic sub-pan completes the floor design creating an extremely durable floor.

• Modular panel construction: produces a more consistent and superior product and makes possible quick replacement of entire wall or roof panels with equally durable and thermally consistent panels.