Savannah, GA,
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Spec'd for Service

Melton Truck Lines meets demands with combo flatbed trailers

“Great Dane sells a strong flatbed trailer product at a competitive price. For us, the return on investment comes from the reliability and quality of the trailers...”
Jeff Robinson, Senior Vice President, Maintenance, Melton Truck Lines

One of the nation's leading flatbed trucking companies, Melton Truck Lines, boasts a large and growing fleet of modern, safe, and well-maintained equipment—and a 98% on-time pick-up and delivery record. Founded in 1954 with routes in Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico, the fleet is managed by President, Bob Peterson.

According to Jeff Robinson, Senior Vice President, Maintenance, Melton Truck Lines, “At the end of 2015 we will have roughly 1,100 Great Dane Freedom LT’s combo flatbed trailers in our fleet. We don’t have fixed routes, but do run in all 48 lower states, including Canada and Mexico. Our customers are varied, and carr y loads of raw material such as live trees, coiled or flat steel, roofing and building materials.

Spec’d for the Loads

Robinson notes that over the years, “With the help of Great Dane sales and manufacturing we have managed to change our flatbed trailer specifications from 48’ to 53’ and have kept the weight at an acceptable level. This allows us to build a broader base of customers who have commodities that can benefit from the added length and it still allows our combination tractor/trailer units to haul 48,000 lbs. All our tractor/trailer units are 100% air-ride equipped. Our flatbeds are spec’d with PSI tire inflation systems, extra winches have been added to our trailer, they have 10’ 1” fixed spread axles, and aluminum cross members, which helps with weight savings.

Reliability Equates to ROI

“The residual value of our Great Dane trailers after years of service is strong,” notes Robinson. “This is a big factor since, when buying equipment, to get the best value you need to know what you will have in the future. Great Dane sells a strong flatbed trailer product at a competitive price. For us, the return on investment comes from the reliability and quality of the trailers, and Great Dane supports us with a large service network based throughout the country.”