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Spec'd for Max Load

When you haul steel the right flatbed for the job is imperative

“Our driver’s speak highly of the integrity and we appreciate Great Dane standing behind the product they sell.”
Gregg Stanley, Vice President of Operations

Tennessee Steel Haulers (TSH) is a flatbed logistics company based in Nashville, TN. It is a growing company with a diversified customer base that specializes in hauling steel coils and other flatbed freight.

Structural Integrity

Gregg Stanley, Vice President of Operations, talks about his company’s choice of Great Dane Freedom LT trailers, he says, “Our business model demands enhanced structural integrity. As such, 12-inch cross-members with a coil package are required. Furthermore, the auxiliary outlets allow for signaling during wide load events and combination flooring to alleviate weight limitations. As with any competitive carrier, we have tested several options, nothing that we would consider a “special spec.” However, from both a risk/liability and overall safety perspective, we are considering disc brakes as a viable addition to our spec going into 2016.

Purchasing Considerations

They purchase equipment and provide a lease program for their drivers. Their business plan has allowed them grow as well as avoid shortage of drivers. Stanley says, “Great Dane has a solid reputation in the industry. Our drivers were inquiring about Great Dane trailers and your local sales rep was calling on us around that time as well. After further discussion with our rep, we decided to offer our drivers the Great Dane product. We have had only positive results. Driver’s speak highly of the integrity and we appreciate Great Dane standing behind the product they sell.”

Driver Lease Program

TSH purchases equipment and provides a lease program for its drivers. According to Stanley, “We are an owner/operator based company that offers a lease/purchase option. Since we are able to procure equipment in bulk on a continual basis, it provides us with the opportunity for better pricing versus what a single owner operator could negotiate. As such, it allows us to sell the equipment to our owner/operator base at this discounted pricing. So, in essence, our drivers are provided a quality product, at a discounted rate. Our lease/purchase program continues to be a key component to company growth. As mentioned above, our drivers couldn’t be happier.”

Good Dealership Relation

Stanley says, “Our sales rep has been integral in working with our equipment team to ensure specs align with our needs, as well as helping to facilitate any warrantable issues are handled promptly. Our rep routinely follows up with us to review spec/purchase options as the market fluctuates and new technologies emerge, to ensure TSH continues sustainable growth.”