Savannah, GA,
12:00 AM

Solutions for Flatbeds: Sturdy-Lite's Lock Rod Toolbox

Sturdy-Lite’s Lock Rod Toolbox, is:



It has no moving latch parts on the inside of box lid, so it is impossible for tarps, tarp rope, rubber bungees, cargo straps, chains or any other storage item to tangle in a latch.

Can’t shake it off

It counters the effects of gravity. Most flatbed trailer boxes are 60” long and double door for ease of operation. A 30” or greater door cantilever from the connecting hinge point with standard folding T locks will eventually yield to the effects of gravity, time, road conditions and age. The lock rod boxes help eliminate that problem. A four-point connection is provided.

Looks great

According to Phil Bays, Sturdy-Lite President, “On a Great Dane Freedom Flatbed the lock rod box just simply looks great so one might say that we live up to the Great Dane standard of excellence. With the added strength we provide with our corrugations and lock rod connection, Sturdy-Lite lives up to our name being extremely sturdy, yet light.”