Savannah, GA,
11:15 PM

Same-Day Trailers

Branches and dealers offer customizable stock trailers

Great Dane customers can easily find a variety of stock trailer models that can be customized to their individual specifications at branch and dealer locations throughout the country. We're talking about popular models quickly customized and handed over to the customer quickly after the trailers are purchased. It's the ideal solution for operations of all sizes that need to add trailers to meet freight-hauling demands within tight time constraints.

Availability and Flexibility
The key component of Great Dane's factory stock trailer program is that there is such a large list of trailer models. Trailers can be quickly moved between dealer and branch locations so that the right models are always available. They can also be customized quickly using any number of add-on components.

Models & Options
The stock trailers are built using typical customer specifications. The list of customizable features Champion dry vans and Everest reefers include: side skirts, tire inflation systems and produce vents, just to name a few.

For flatbed trailers the option list includes wheels, many securement options, tools boxes and more. Add to this list branding options, decals, etc., and you come up with the perfect fast-track solution for getting new trailers on the road quickly, earning revenue.

True Value
The value of Great Dane's factory stock program comes with the instant gratification of customization. Customers' needs are met very quickly and with high-quality trailers and options. Building a trailer to customer specs can take many months whereas customizing can take only days. It's a great solution for fleets that need new trailers fast.