05:12 PM

Safety System Reduces Rollover Risk

Meritor WABCO continues to demonstrate its leadership in trailer safety systems with the introduction of the Roll Stability Support (RSS) 1M. This two-sensor, one-modulator system provides the benefits of both ABS and trailer stability control integrated into a single compact unit.

Industry statistics indicate that driving actions, including collision avoidance maneuvers, sudden lane changes and acceleration in a curve, lead to 13,000 rollover accidents on an annual basis. A typical rollover crash can easily total the entire truck, trailer and load, and single vehicle rollover crashes claim more driver lives than any other type of accident. This can be mitigated or prevented as a result of the RSS 1M assisting the driver in maintaining control of the vehicle.

The system automatically accounts for the load status and calculates lateral acceleration while driving. If the lateral acceleration exceeds a specific value, low pressure check brake applications are applied. If the system detects a potential rollover during the brake check process, a full brake application is put into effect. The Meritor WABCO RSS 1M is derived from the proven RSS 2 M system that has been available to fleets for nine years.

This RSS 1M safety system is targeted for vans, reefers, flatbeds, and is also available as a retrofit to upgrade existing equipment. Features and benefits include proven anti-lock brake performance, stability control, integrated control and supply port screens, a tank mountable ECU/valve assembly, optional lift axle control, and Meritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS™) by PSI monitoring. Additional capabilities are air and spring suspension applications, generic input and output, onboard data recorder and telematic broadcasting capabilities. These capabilities make an investment in Meritor WABCO RSS 1M systems a wise choice for fleets.