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08:34 PM

Rolling Billboards


With delivery vehicles generating millions of visual impressions while on the road, a growing number of fleets are now using their trailers to build brand awareness.

How many customers see your trailers each year? It is estimated that delivery vehicles generate millions of visual impressions while on the road, making vehicle graphics an extremely effective form of advertising. A growing number of fleets are now using their trailers to build brand awareness.


"What's changed is how carriers view vehicle graphics," said Denny Smith, VP of sales and operations at TKO Graphix, a provider of vehicle and building graphics design, manufacturing and installation services that serves many well known fleets, as well as suppliers like Great Dane Trailers. "Graphics can be of real value to Great Dane customers by helping to create an image that is unique and memorable. There is no better way to market a company than to put its name on a trailer."


Smith went on to say that graphics capabilities are greatly enhanced today by the latest digital technologies and the availability of high quality materials. For example, advances in digital printing enable companies to produce graphics quickly, accurately and cost effectively.


"New graphics are also more consistent in color and design, and are removable, in some cases up to seven years after being applied," Smith added. "Repositionable decals allow companies to change their brand message or create a new identity when an acquisition takes place or when a trailer is being prepared for resale."


3M Commercial Graphics recently introduced new colors to its line of Scotchprint vehicle wraps, offering fleets an even greater number of finishes, textures and colors to create customized designs that stand out. The new colors increase the selection to a total of 39 options.


It takes four components to make a graphic message stand out, 3M notes, including a great design, the right graphics materials, a skilled graphics manufacturer and an expert graphics installer. 3M now offers programs for installers.


TKO Graphix provides Great Dane customers with one-stop graphics services, including manufacturing and installation. The company operates on the assembly lines at the Statesboro, Georgia, Jonesboro, Arkansas, and Terre Haute and Brazil, Indiana plants. In conjunction with the rebranding of Great Dane products, TKO is also updating signs and logos on all company buildings nationwide.


Today, anything a fleet can imagine can be designed, manufactured and put on any trailer. Made possible by advanced technology, the investment in literally "driving a brand message" is often pennies on the dollar compared to other forms of advertising.