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Quick-Time Recovery AdvantEDGE

Great Dane Emergency Road Service is fast, reliable, and cost-conscious

To meet the growing need for elevated incident management, Great Dane's Emergency Road Service (ERS) has developed a comprehensive towing and recovery program for trucking fleets. The company is dedicated to timely response because it understands the importance of uptime – fleets can't get the job done when trucks are down.

Incident management
The AdvantEDGE program's management of towing needs helps you control cost and mitigate risk. The ERS program utilizes a dedicated network of tow companies to provide quality service and competitive regional pricing. Together we deliver the premier service package for the trucking industry.

The AdvantEDGE incident management team provides 24/7 strategies and solutions for towing, winch-outs, load shifts, and incident recoveries. It can even provide resolution to help with non-consent tows—and reduce fleet liability exposure in a variety of ways. According to Tony Neven, Great Dane Aftermarket Service Manager, "Our emergency road service (ERS) is more than just a call center for breakdowns. It's a full-service risk mitigation center that will not only rescue your breakdown in a time of need, but will do it in a manner that is as safe as possible while being economical."

Great Dane's ERS prides itself on knowing when to repair at the breakdown site versus when a tow is safer, which helps customer's better control cost. In addition it provides specialized transport logistics when needed. "For example," says Neven, "recently, we towed one customer over 200 miles to an important destination that saved them penalties for a time-sensitive delivery. The tow was across multiple state lines and required a team of qualified tow operators."

The leading AdvantEDGE
The AdvantEDGE program, which has no enrollment fees, provides nationwide service and parts availability, consolidated statements in a variety of formats, consolidated billing, online program capability, customized purchasing controls—and—peace of mind.