Savannah, GA,
08:23 PM

PuR Genius


Prolam PuR prevents water intrusion for ultimate trailer floor protection

It doesn't take a genius to see the benefits of the Prolam Polyurethane Reactive (PuR) coating for wood floors. On Great Dane trailers, PuR can be applied to provide a superior moisture barrier, increase durability and reduce floor maintenance costs.


Flooring manufacturer Prolam offers hot-melt PuR to resist moisture intrusion from underneath the trailer, especially in areas like trailer wheel locations that are more prone to degradation. Its viscosity, according to the manufacturer, allows PuR to adhere perfectly to wood, creating a solid bond and providing a single uniform barrier against moisture. PuR can even bridge wood defects, knots and critical areas like butt-end joints.


Prolam also notes that PuR provides superior moisture resistance because it has a thickness of .010 inches compared to .0035 inches for water-based coatings. The thinner water-based coating breaks down when subjected to intense water spray and road debris, causing the wood to absorb moisture, warp, swell and deteriorate glue bonds.


In sandblast tests, PuR was 11 times more abrasion-resistant and outperformed water-based trailer coatings in tests measuring strength, resistance to abrasion, adhesion and water absorption.


With PuR from Prolam, Great Dane customers have access to an intelligent, effective and efficient solution to what could otherwise be a costly problem.