05:01 AM

Prolam WAXIN100 protects the entire trailer floor surface from moisture

The more hardwood floors get wet, the more they lose strength, stiffness and hardness—trailer floors that stay dry are more durable. With optional WAXIN100 protection, when water hits the floor, most of it evaporates before it is absorbed into the hardwood.

All trailer applications that are frequently exposed to water on the floor can benefit from specifying WAXIN100. It's the smart choice for fleet managers who want to extend the useful life of their trailers.

Prolam Waxin100 offers superior protection for 3 reasons:
1.It uses paraffin—the most effective product to repel moisture from wood (per USDA study), it's better than epoxy, polyurethane or linseed oil.
2. Unlike other floor protection, like top coatings, the Waxin100 process impregnates paraffin into the hardwood, which also makes it more resistant to the forklift traffic compared to top coatings.
3. The protection is factory installed—maximizing the quality of the application.