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Own the Back Alleys

This versatile foodservice reefer delivers

The Everest CL aims to deliver the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) with flexibility, durability and its lightweight design. This long-life refrigerated trailer meets the demanding needs of foodservice customers, is built for compliance with stringent food safety regulations, and is designed for long-life service.

In-Service Flexibility
Because grocery, multi-temp, and foodservice delivery customers have distinctly different requirements than their long haul counterparts, the ECL is designed with versatility in mind. Highly customizable options are available to accommodate any temperature-controlled application. Moveable bulkheads allow an ambient section and up to three precisely controlled compartments for sensitive cargo. Multiple side and rear door configurations and access systems are available.

Wood-Free and Durable
The ECL helps customers reduce weight-gain and maintenance because the body is built with composite sills and composite furring, which help eliminate use of wood in the trailer. Less wood means a longer lifespan and greater durability. For enhanced strength, the Everest lightweight bonded composite roof system and heavy-duty floor construction provides the ultimate defense against wear and tear. Other standard features across the Everest line include the industry's strongest stainless steel rear frame, a stainless steel front bottom rail and Great Dane's highly consistent modular panel foaming process. Standard PunctureGuard interior lining, premium landing gear and Stemco Platinum Performance Plus wheel-end system deliver unbeatable performance and dependability on every Everest reefer.

Special Options
Great Dane ECL refrigerated trailers offer many optional components. Available exclusively from Great Dane, ThermoGuard interior lining helps prevent moisture intrusion into the insulation. Grote's LED Entrance Lighting provides the industry's highest illumination with 12' of exterior lighting. Also available is a 20,000 lb. forklift load-rated heavy-duty reefer floor. Additionally, the ECL may be spec'd with side doors that feature Great Dane's exclusive blade lock system with full-length seal or a variety of folding platforms including Randall Folding EL Platform and a newly developed Randall Floor-Deployed Platform for ease and efficiency of side deliveries.