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Meeting Tight Demands


Founded in 1981, Fairrington is the largest, full-service, independent mailing logistics provider in the United States.

Founded in 1981, Fairrington is the largest, full-service, independent mailing logistics provider in the United States. Headquartered in Bolingbrook, Illinois, near Chicago, Fairrington also has facilities in Cranbury, New Jersey, and Dallas, Texas. Fairrington's dedicated fleet, FTC Transpor t, Inc., powers tightwindow, drop-shipment deliver y of direct mail to postal facilities across the country and then brings time-sensitive material back to their facilities, with no time lost in between.

According to Phil Komorowski, Division Manager, "Fairrington has a fleet of 40 power units and 138 trailers (50 are Great Dane). "We run consistent dedicated lanes, but have the flexibility to go anywhere in the U.S. We adjust lanes to respond to our customers' changing needs to preserve ser vice or position equipment for specific backhauls. Oftentimes, these backhauls are just-in-time pick ups where the freight must be delivered as planned or production lines at our facilities will shut down."

Komorowski said that he was attracted to AdvantEDGE because of his experiences with Great Dane—from trailer purchases and local maintenance repairs. "We use our local Great Dane location for our repairs and maintenance and also have had outstanding commitment and support from Great Dane during trailer purchases."

"We look to design partnerships with our vendors, not work on a transactional basis. Great Dane has always listened to our specific needs and helped create solutions that benefit our company. I knew I would have Great Dane and its people behind me with this program,"
he said.

The key feature that makes the program work for Fairrington is the 24-hour nationwide coverage for any roadside need, which means getting freight moving again safely and quickly.

"We believe in proactive preventative maintenance at Fairrington to reduce downtime," Komorowski said. "As a result, our roadside breakdowns are minimal, however, when incidents do occur Great Dane AdvantEDGE helps by providing emergency assistance in all areas of the country that quickly get us back up and running. I am confident that regardless of where I send my fleet, that I can resolve a repair issue with one call."

Komorowski appreciates the single point of contact he has using AdvantEDGE. "My dispatchers have many responsibilities and juggle many tasks," he said. "They do not have time to waste. The efficiency from being able to quickly call in a repair and move on confident the matter has been resolved is of great value. The Great Dane AdvantEDGE program certainly has helped us to add efficiency and cost savings to our fleet and to achieve our vision of becoming 'The world-class provider of deliver y solutions that move the world by conquering time'."