06:26 AM

Maxon Side Door Liftgate is a Problem Solver

Maxon Lift Corp. has come up with a great solution for side door deliveries that not only makes loading and unloading easier, but also safer. The RA Slidelift® Series, which is a purpose-built design, encompasses wide-arm configurations for the greatest stability and maximum trailer side rail clearance capabilities. It comes standard in 3,500 lbs. and 4,500 lbs. lifting capacities. The new design makes use of the full trailer width resulting in large 48", 60" and 82" wide platforms with depths of 55" and 79".

According to the design experts at Maxon, the RA features two hydraulic lifting cylinders with bi-directional lock valves and comes completely assembled and prefilled with hydraulic oil. Additional features include greaseable pins and bushings at all pivot points. Most importantly, for corrosion resistance, the RA features a full galvanized finish that is standard for this gate with no additional charges or lead times.