Savannah, GA,
11:17 PM

Marking 50 Years of Exceptional Service

Ritchie Trucking wraps half a century with a celebratory road tour

Whether a customer needs a shipment picked up and delivered across town or hundreds of miles away, Ritchie Trucking of Fresno, CA, prides itself on accommodating any shipment in an LTL mode or a full truckload. As a result of its great service, over the last 50 years the company has built a strong and loyal customer base and continues to enjoy relationships that have lasted decades.

To celebrate the anniversary this year, the company chose to use a new Great Dane Champion CP trailer as part of the recognition program. According to Bruce Lackey, President of Ritchie Trucking, "We decided to do a complete wrap of a new tractor and trailer to commemorate our 50-year anniversary. We then traveled with the wrapped tractor/trailer to our six locations for a celebration at each to mark our milestone."

Great Dane trailers offers dependability and durability, and the maintenance required is relatively nil, which means less time on maintenance and repair - that equates to ROI.
Bruce Lackey, President of Ritchie Trucking

One of the reasons the company chose Great Dane trailers, says Lackey, is because of the smooth ride the air ride system provides. He goes on to say, "This enables us to reduce cargo damage and deliver freight to our customers intact. However, the biggest appeal is that the appearance of the trailers live up to the reputation that Ritchie Trucking stives to maintain. When our customers see a Great Dane with a Ritchie Trucking logo roll into the yard, they know we are the partner they want to accommodate their freight needs." When it comes to Great Dane helping the fleet control costs, Lackey notes that the trailers offer dependability and durability, and the maintenance required is relatively nil, which means less time on maintenance and repair—that equates to ROI.

Spec'd for Service & Dependability
Ritchie Trucking works closely with its Great Dane dealer, Central Valley Trailer Repair, in Fresno to customize its Great Dane trailers. "We spec the trailers for swing doors, air ride suspensions, tire inflation systems and composite trailer bodies with the added interior width," states Lackey. "These are very specific specs and Great Dane is able to fill our orders in a very timely manner."

"The value received is well worth the investment. The sales team made us aware of every available option and helped us tailor those to our needs. They were very easy to work with and did so with short lead times since we needed new trailers in a short period of time. Although we have not had any warranty repairs or needed repairs, we know that Great Dane will be prepared and respond quickly to any needs."