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Maintaining High Standards

HRS Transport relies on its equipment to ensure customer satisfaction

"Great Dane trailers really hold their value, I purchase them for their quality and return on investment. I have had other trailer brands, but the others just can’t compare to the Great Dane units."
Howard Sodano, HRS Transport Inc. President

HRSTransport, specializing in temperaturecontrolled transportation, is a familyowned and operated business headquartered in Phillipsburg, New Jersey. What began as a single truck operation in in 1982 is now a 45-tractor-trailer fleet that covers routes from western Michigan, Florida, and Maine. The company prides itself on its dedication to using cutting edge technology and superior equipment to provide exceptional services to its customers.

Start with the right equipment

Howard Sodano, HRS Transport President knows that hauling temperature-controlled loads require reliable trailers. He says, “We have been running Great Dane trailers for the last 25 years and I have never been disappointed with their performance. In my book, Great Dane stands for durability andquality. The trailers provide the value I look for in a piece of equipment. In all the years that I have owned Great Dane trailers I have never had a serious maintenance issue.”

Service and support

Not only do the trailers meet his needs, but also the dealership provides the extra attention Sodano has come to expect. “The dealer sales and service staff at Northeast Great Dane have been a great help,” he notes. “They assisted in spec’ing our current fleet of Great Dane Everest TL reefers equipped with flat reefer heavy-duty aluminum cargo floors and a reinforced rear sill—plus 4S/2M anti-lock brakes (two sensors on the wheel ends and two modulators on the axles), which decrease panic stopping distances, increase overall safety, and help avoid flat-spotting tires.”

He goes on to say, “The Everest TL has a lot of great features—they are lightweight, durable and come with PunctureGuard interior lining, so I haven’t had to add to the specs. However, I do spec extra LED lights and aluminum wheels, which add a little more bling and in my opinion the aluminum wheels are easier to maintain. In addition, Great Dane trailers really hold their value,” Sodano states. “I purchase them for their quality and return on investment. I have had other trailer brands, but the others just can’t compare to the Great Dane units.”