Savannah, GA,
06:21 PM

Low Viscosity Need

Explaining the need – and worries – for low viscosity oil

As more engine makers aim to push the use of low viscosity oils for their products, mainly in a bid to comply with ever-tighter heavy truck fuel economy mandates, fleets are voicing concerns about the long-term protective capability of such “thinner” oil – a concern lubricant makers are trying to dispel via a variety of outreach efforts.

Chevron Products Co. served up the most recent iteration of such “outreach” during a series of engine teardowns conducted at the Mid America Trucking Show last month.

“The big concern for a lot of fleets is protection,” Jim Gambill, Chevron’s North America Commercial and Industrial brands manager, told Fleet Owner. “Even though about a third of the trucking market has converted to low viscosity oils, most fleets don’t have the luxury to try something out to see if it works. They want more concrete proof that it works, which is why we’ve been conducting such ‘live’ engine teardowns in the market.”