Chicago, IL,
12:00 AM

Lightweight but XP Tough

The already proven Freedom XP all-aluminum flatbed has just gotten better. The FXP has always provided top value for Great Dane customers, but the newly redesigned trailer has raised the bar in the industry for flatbed functionality, safety and design.

Lightweight & Durable

The redesigned FXP is now under 8,700 lbs., a weight reduction of 200 lbs. and rated for a 52,000 lb. load concentrated in four feet. The redesign increases safety and ease-of use. With features like minimal use of fasteners, weight is taken out while reducing maintenance time, which cuts operational costs.

Safe & Secure

Safety is top of mind at Great Dane. The new FXP now comes with a sure-grip floor surface for increased traction and load stability. The contour of the new main beam provides greater swing radius. It has an improved profile, which is lighter and stiffer. Another new feature is the extended rub rail, which has no fasteners and increases load securement.

The new FXP provides a streamlined wiring harness with the lines now located above the crossmembers. In addition, there is a significant improvement in suspension reinforcement—both structural and cosmetic.

Styling & Functionality

The redesigned Freedom XP has increased visual impact. It now offers low profile turn signals, a slim main beam design as well as upgraded front and rear corner construction. The new FXP also includes an improved landing gear, which is lighter and has more cosmetic appeal.