Savannah, GA,
12:00 AM

Leasing the Best

Bentley Truck Services NationaLease adds JRTB Alpine to its leasing options

Bentley Truck Services NationaLease, a well-established leader in commercial truck leasing, offers locations throughout the United States that provide unsurpassed leasing options, service and support. According to company President, Fred Bentley, “We use only the best commercial trucks. Toward the end of this past year we added Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies’ Alpine to our list of leasing options.”

Customers in Mind

The company had its customers in mind when it chose the Alpine. “The Alpine offers ease of operation and is well-spec’d to help our customers maintain temperatures for their temperature- controlled loads,” says Bentley. “This helps our customers control their costs and assist them in best practice cold chain solutions. In addition, we have found that the quality of the trucks helps to keep maintenance in check —we haven’t seen any unexpended maintenance expenses.” 

The Alpine units offered through Bentley Truck Services NationaLease are specified with 16-ft to 26-ft up to 102-inch wide bodies and 103-inch roof heights. They have side doors and roll-up rear doors with door track protection, as well as interior and exterior LED lighting. The interior also includes eTrack for load securement and heavy-duty aluminum flooring. Custom designed bodies are also available for specialized operations.

“We worked with the Great Dane branch in Philadelphia on the specifications and purchase of the Alpine truck body,” says Bentley. “We are impressed with the location’s service and the structural integrity of the Alpine truck body. Johnson stands behind its truck body and we are pleased to work with a company that enjoys such brand loyalty.”