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Lasting Quality


Great Dane's new EnduroGuard rear frame is bringing greater value to Champion dry vans

A combination of a unique design and proven materials is bringing new levels of strength and corrosion resistance to the rear frames of all Great Dane Champion dry freight vans. The EnduroGuard rear frame, now standard with both swing and roll-up rear doors, utilizes galvaneal and stainless steel components, boosting quality and durability to an even higher level.

Galvaneal is a zinc alloy coated carbon steel used for many years in automotive applications for its ability to accept paint. The alloy process bonds the carbon steel with zinc plating so the two materials act as one. Unlike galvanizing, where a zinc coat- ing is applied over steel, this chemical process does not allow the coating to crack and flake, enhancing both durability and the aesthetics of the rear frame.

On the EnduroGuard rear frame, galvaneal is used primarily for components that are 7 gauge or thinner in thickness, including the header, vertical posts and rear sill. The remaining exposed components are con- structed of stainless steel, which is not affect- ed by corrosion. Those typically include areas around high impact zones such as upper corners, bumper bars across the rear sill, header protection bars, hinges, and around tail lamps. Where galvaneal and stainless components meet on the new frames, stainless steels welds are used to join the two materials.

Fully built EnduroGuard rear frames on Champion dry freight vans are coated with an epoxy primer and a urethane topcoat to provide a smooth appearance. The standard frame color is gray, and white is available as an option.

Great Dane has a high degree of confi- dence in the new EnduroGuard rear frame. Research, development and testing of the galvaneal and stainless steel components used, and the high quality construction and finishing processes in place at plants have all been proven. Existing trailers with these materials, some built as long as ten years ago, also show highly favorable perform- ance over the long term.

Subjected to road debris and exposed to potential damage from loading docks, car- bon steel rear frames— even with high qual- ity epoxy primer and urethane topcoats— were prone to corrosion. Great Dane has now addressed that concern for customers in EnduroGuard with a unique and highly effective combination of materials that will provide greater durability and long-term cor- rosion protection.

Offered exclusively by Great Dane on the new line of Champion dry freight vans, EnduroGuard rear
frames are structurally superior, highly durable and provide the aesthetic benefits of a painted frame, boosting quality to an even higher level.