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Lane Kidd Resigns

Lane Kidd Resigns as Arkansas Trucking Association President

Arkansas Trucking Association President Lane Kidd said Feb. 24 he is leaving the association after leading it for 22 years. Kidd said he is leaving in order to “devote his full energies” to his public affairs and business investment firm. “I’ve wanted to pursue my own projects for some time now and there are many opportunities out there, so this feels like a good time to say goodbye to the ATA,” Kidd said. “My career as ATA president has been a phenomenal experience, and I’m handing the keys over with ATA looking much better than it did 22 years ago.” Kidd’s resignation is effective immediately, said Shannon Samples Newton, the association’s vice president. Newton said she will take over day-to-day operations until a replacement for Kidd is found. There is no timeline for finding his successor, she said. Gary Salisbury, CEO of Fikes Truck Line in Hope, Ark., and the association’s chairman, applauded Kidd’s work. “During Lane’s tenure, he has taken a relative unknown group of truckers and propelled us to the front of the line,” Salisbury said in a statement. “The ATA is known across the country as a leader and an example for other associations to strive for.”