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Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies Showcases Versatility at MATS 2014


Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Great Dane, is exhibiting two models from its line of hard-­working refrigerated composite truck bodies at the 2014 Mid-America Trucking Show in the Kentucky Exposition Center.

LOUISVILLE, KY – (March 26, 2014) Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Great Dane, is exhibiting two models from its line of hard-working refrigerated composite truck bodies at the 2014 Mid-America Trucking Show in the Kentucky Exposition Center. Visitors to booth #34075 will learn first- hand about the company's latest truck body models, as well as Johnson's environmentally friendly all- electric refrigeration systems with cold plate technology.

Johnson display equipment at MATS 2014 includes a 19' deep frozen low-temperature Blizzard XL truck body mounted on a Freightliner M2 truck chassis, and a 13'6" Guardian LT truck body mounted on a GMC Cutaway truck chassis for maximum fuel efficiency and payload.

Guardian LT

Often called the reach-in because it is loaded and unloaded by the operator from ground level, the Guardian LT has product compartment doors on each side of the body, and features low ground-to- floor height for drivers to quickly and safely identify and access products. The Guardian body, which fits on a lighter chassis to help reduce operating costs, provides protection for both fresh and frozen product delivery, and addresses fleet sustainability initiatives with a truck body that will carry a typical day's product load without adding unnecessary weight.

Built with foodservice and delivery fleet needs in mind, the Guardian LT is larger than previous designs, yet offers unparalleled weight savings. The body's lightweight, durable design also allows it to be used several times on different chassis. The Guardian LT's overall thermal rating is very high, resulting in reduced consumption of the electricity and fossil fuels needed to keep the body and cargo area at the desired product temperature. Reducing energy consumption also means lower fleet operational costs.

Other innovative features of the Guardian LT include fiberglass composite doors on each side of the truck body with thermal efficient multiple air chamber compression gaskets for a thermal efficient seal; automotive-style door latch hardware with a remote keyless entry option; a new LED exterior and interior lighting package; an easy to replace bolt-on tubular stainless steel rear bumper and an advanced body tie-down system that promotes security while reducing maintenance.

Display Model Features
The Guardian LT on display at the MATS 2014 includes an Arctic Therm interior liner, LED exterior DOT lighting; LED exterior courtesy lighting; customized rain gutters; back-up camera for safety purposes; All Electric (compressor & holdover plates) refrigeration; roof mounted condensing unit to optimize interior space; electric defrost heaters to accelerate the refrigeration defrost cycle; specialized interior and exterior shelving with pull out drawers, bins & trays to optimize product organization; patented automotive style door locks with keyless entry; multi contour door gasket seal; SST bolt on rear bumper; rear roof air foil for improved fuel economy and to reduce exterior rear wall debris; body lock- out switch to cut power to keyless entry for product security.

Blizzard Series

Johnson's most popular truck body because of its versatility in many markets, the Blizzard XL allows for design modifications to accommodate the customer's loading preferences while maintaining excellent structural integrity and thermal efficiency. This model is used in walk-in applications and can accommodate pallet, case and cart loading. It features a smooth white fiberglass exterior and is designed to keep products fresh during transport at fresh, frozen and deep frozen temperatures.

The Blizzard's non-corrosive, fiberglass composite interior and exterior surfaces are extremely puncture resistant, and a high-pressure foam injection process produces durable panels with the highest thermal performance rating in the industry. The result is a significant reduction in energy use to keep products at required temperatures. The Blizzard XL can have up to three temperature- controlled zones.

The framework for the Blizzard's wall and roof panels is made of welded steel that is completely covered in foam insulation and fiberglass. A strong, composite thermal break is placed between the steel frame and the interior wall and roof panels to create a non-conductive barrier between structural components and interior panels. Johnson's method of bonding of the FRP composite exterior skin and interior liner to the foam insulation creates significant strength within the entire panel.

Display Model Features
The Blizzard XL on display at MATS 2014 features an Arctic Therm interior liner; LED exterior lighting; LED dome interior lighting; build-in step well; All-Electric (dual low temp compressors and holdover plates) refrigeration; compressor mounting in skirt roadside and curbside; fully integrated skirted body; all-fiberglass floor; single rear door and reach-in side door (slam lock hardware); cart compartment in skirt; 11" step bumper with grip strut surface; diamond plate rear corner protectors.

About Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies

Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies is renowned for quality, durability and innovation in the manufacture of its temperature-controlled composite truck bodies and specialty trailers that range from 8 to 36 feet and its all-electric refrigeration systems. The company headquarters and manufacturing plant is located in Rice Lake, Wisconsin, with national equipment service available through authorized Great Dane branches and select dealerships. In business since 1932, Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Great Dane, can be accessed on-line at