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Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies' BlizzardLT Helps Family Tree Produce Secure New Business

Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies' BlizzardLT Helps Family Tree Produce Secure New Business

Produce company depends on latest truck transport technology to deliver the finest quality products to its foodservice customers in Southern California

LOUISVILLE, KY - (March 21-23, 2013) Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies, Great Dane's wholly-owned subsidiary, will co-exhibit with Great Dane in booth #34075 at the 2013 Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky. Johnson will feature a new standard truck body line-up including the BlizzardLT, Johnson's most popular truck body model because it addresses the delivery requirements of many temperature-controlled applications across a variety of markets.

The BlizzardLT with Johnson's all-electric refrigeration technology is the transport technology of choice for Family Tree Produce of Southern California, because of its thermal efficiency, and smooth, rivet-free walls for ease of cleaning, maintenance, and applying graphics. Furthermore, Johnson's energy saving all-electric refrigeration technology has provided significant value in helping the Family Tree expand in the California market.

When it comes to securing new business with the added benefits from the Blizzard technology, R. David Figueroa, vice president, Operations & Procurement for Family Tree says, "We have been able to gain or strengthen business, such as resorts, hotels, schools, universities and theme parks, because of the noise-free and emission-free technology. In addition, other benefits for the Blizzard are the very updated appearance, ease of cleaning, maintenance and applying our large graphics as well as the exceptional image and improved temperature control."

Food distribution in Southern California, especially produce, is a very demanding temperature-controlled application requiring close monitoring of temperatures and cold chain management practices. For Family Tree Produce, the BlizzardLT with Johnson's EMX Series, all-electric refrigeration technology means eliminating refrigeration units that consume expensive diesel fuel and no more turning off units to comply with noise abatement rulings in some loading and unloading areas. With the Blizzard unit the company is assured constant, quiet temperature control for their product delivery needs and route conditions—without the use of diesel-powered refrigeration units.

The BlizzardLT composite truck body with EMX Series all-electric refrigeration provides maximum flexibility for food distributors who are looking to stay compliant with state idling laws while reducing their operating costs. In California, the Johnson all-electric refrigeration systems are exempt from the Transport Refrigeration Unit (TRU) regulations imposed by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) because they use electricity instead of diesel fuel to operate.

All-Electric Refrigeration
Johnson's ElectriMax all-electric refrigeration system is powered by electricity and functions more like a traditional diesel-powered refrigeration system. The ElectriMax system has evolved over the past several years and today is being reintroduced as the EMX Series, the newest advanced system for longer routes, extreme climates and demanding delivery applications.

The EMX Series features a new Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for a broader set of control parameters for several functions such as defrost, compressor operation and temperature management. A reporting function provides useful data on compressor operation and provides indicators that help technicians with system troubleshooting. In addition, the low-voltage DC circuitry results in fewer safety issues and increased system reliability during grid plug in, and exclusive use of DC fans has increased reliability of the condenser and evaporator operation.

Visit booth # 34075 to view the BlizzardLT and to learn more about Johnson's all-electric refrigeration systems.

Blizzard/All-Electric Refrigeration Benefits

  • Lower Operational Costs: All-electric vs. diesel: Lowers operating costs more than 80%; low maintenance: few moving parts; low susceptibility to breakdowns
  • Clean and Green Refrigeration Technology: Reduce CO2 emissions by 22 pounds for every gallon of diesel saved; eliminates noise pollution; eliminates diesel fuel to operate refrigeration
  • Full Range of Product Flexibility: Available in a wide-range of single and multi-temp applications; ideal for food service, direct store delivery, leasing and many more temperature-controlled transportation applications.

About Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies
Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies is renowned for quality, durability and innovation in the manufacture of its temperature-controlled composite truck bodies and specialty trailers that range from 8 to 36 feet and its all-electric refrigeration systems. The company headquarters and manufacturing plant is located in Rice Lake, Wisconsin, with national equipment service available through authorized Great Dane branches and select dealerships. In business since 1932, Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Great Dane, can be accessed on-line at www.johnsontruckbodies.com.