04:59 AM

Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies and Stoops Specialty Trucks team up for the best expedited delivery solution

Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies recently teamed up with Stoops Specialty Trucks to design a new Blizzard truck body for the expeditor market. This particular Blizzard, which was showcased at the 2013 Expedite Expo, was spec'd for fleets whose goal is the quick delivery of temperature-sensitive freight. According to Jeff Jones, Sales Manager at Stoops Specialty Trucks, "Expediter fleets, which are responsible for delivering freight in units that are capable of maintaining and verifying consistent temperature every mile of the way, can do so with confidence with an extremely thermal efficient Blizzard truck body."

Expedited service fleets often employ specially trained drivers to deliver sensitive loads on time, and they rely on specialty equipment for the safe transport of the most sensitive shipments. In addition, expediter services usually offer a full range of temperature-control options. These are easily handled by the Blizzard, which ensures consistent temperature for every delivery; the Blizzard units maintain a set-point within +/- 3 degrees F.

The Blizzard product line is the most thermally efficient temperature controlled truck body available on the market. Its construction method and materials are unique and create a highly durable outer skin and interior liner that contain a structural foam core capable of delivering thermal performance up to 30% greater than competitors, as shown in recent testing.

Also, Johnson has the ability to engineer and produce highly customized product features such as specialized flooring, cargo restraint systems and body/chassis stabilizers while maintaining the highest of quality and performance. The Blizzard is perfect for all applications that require a tightly monitored and narrow window for temperature controlled product(s).