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You may not be familiar with the term "galvanneal," but it's highly likely that you benefit from its corrosion fighting qualities on a daily basis.

You may not be familiar with the term "galvanneal," but it's highly likely that you benefit from its corrosion fighting qualities on a daily basis. In addition to its use on Great Dane trailers, it is also used in the automotive, signage, electric equipment, and other industries requiring a metal with a long, reliable service life.

Galvanneal is a carbon steel product with a tough protective coating of zinc that forms a zinc-iron alloy layer on the steel. It's essentially an improved form of galvanized steel. Galvanneal is commonly used to fabricate a wide variety of items from automobiles to outdoor vending machines, highway signs, air conditioning units, and more. And perhaps, most importantly, it's very well suited for metal construction that is exposed to harsh environments—including trailers exposed to road salts and other ice control chemicals. The combination of galvanneal and an appropriate multi-coat paint system provides an attractive appearance and a double layer of defense against the elements. This is critical since road salts threaten the structural integrity of tractor-trailers. As almost all state transportation departments have decided to include more aggressive corrosion-inducing chemicals in their fight against ice control, the problem continues to grow more costly every year. Relying on proven technologies such as galvanneal steel construction is enabling manufacturers like Great Dane to provide practical solutions that help reduce maintenance time and costs while delivering long-term quality products.

Galvanneal to the Rescue…
A galvanized coating can be quite soft, and easily scratched. A galvannealed coating, on the other hand, is very hard, and is not easily scratched. The hard zinc alloyed surface combined with the excellent adhesion achieved between the coating and that surface allows a galvannealed sheet to be formed into many intricate shapes without any loss in zinc. Subsequent application of the paint system provides an attractive surface and adds to the already outstanding protection of the steel.

Superior because…
Painted galvanneal does not allow chemical-ladened moisture to contact the steel, and without that moisture (electrolyte), there is no corrosion. Even if the paint gets damaged, the corrosion resistance of the tough iron-zinc alloyed surface under the paint protects the steel in the same manner as galvanizing.

The primary benefits of using galvanneal rather than galvanized steel are:
• Corrosion resistance
• No scaling, flaking or turning black or brown due to exposure to the elements
• Excellent surface appearance
• Paintability—Integrated zinc surface readily accepts Great Dane's high-performance epoxy-urethane
paint system

The advantage goes to…
Fleets that specify Great Dane trailers with galvanneal components, like EnduroGuard--a reinforced, corrosionresistant rear frame on dry vans–have a definite advantage when it comes to avoiding corrosion. In addition to protection from road salts, the overall appearance of galvanneal frames benefit as they remain intact for a long period of time without rust deposits. Galvanneal contributes to ensuring trailers look great and perform well for many years.

Upper Coupler Protection
Upper coupler strength and durability is the key to the connection between it and the kingpin. Protecting the upper coupler from corrosion helps to ensure the best connections for tractor and trailer. That's why specifying a Great Dane trailer, now standard with the extra protection of galvanneal components, can make all the difference.

The galvanneal process provides the benefits of hot-dipped galvanizing with the further step of alloying the zinc coating with the steel, resulting in a very corrosion–resistant surface that also readily accepts paints and other rust preventative coatings. Since Great Dane applies rust preventative coatings after assembly, the resulting corrosion protection of the coated galvanneal steel has outstanding performance characteristics.