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Improving Visibility with Full Intensity Lighting


Grote Industries technology is a bright spot on Great Dane's entire product line

Along with the conversion to all LED lighting as standard equip- ment, Great Dane has partnered with Grote Industries to utilize the lighting supplier's Micro-Nova DOT lamp technology to benefit customers. The small, low profile size lamps-- about the same size as the head of some rivets used in trailer construction— means the lamps are less likely to be damaged in marker, clearance and ABS positions. Micro-Nova lamps are also PC rated, meaning they have 180 degrees of visibility and provide brighter, more intense illumination.

Micro-Nova technology from Grote offers some of its greatest ben- efit as high-mount stop lamps on rear headers. In the past, many customers specified dual-element lamps on the rear header so brighter stop-lamp illumination would be available on the header- mounted ID cluster. This required the expense of the lamps as well as additional harnesses. With Micro-Nova LED technology from Grote, this extra cost is eliminated. Now standard on Great Dane trailers, Micro-Nova header lamps operate as dual-intensity stop lamp circuits in both the minimum required 3-lamp cluster or the 5-lamp design with outboard lamps.

Also now standard on Great Dane trailers are Grote mid-ship combination marker/turn signal LED lamps. The lamps are 50-state legal and comply with the regulations of the California Vehicle Code.

Hardwood Floors Last Longer When Protected From Moisture brought to you by, Prolam

It's an indisputable fact that all species of hardwoods used in trailer floors absorb water and moisture. During a normal trailer service life, an acceptable level of moisture content in a dry van's hardwood floor is not a cause for concern. If that moisture con- tent rises, however, the floor loses strength, hardness and rigidity, and eventually decay occurs.

When moisture related problems in dry van trailer hardwood floors start, maintenance costs rise and service life can be shortened. The good news is that there are keys to protecting floors from moisture exposure, leading to a long lasting, low maintenance cost hardwood trailer floor.

Two areas of special concern can be addressed with exclusive Prolam products available on all Great Dane trailers-

• PuR, a highly durable polyurethane base product can cover the bottom of the entire floor or be applied over the front and rear wheel areas, which are especially prone to moisture intrusion.

• WAXIN, a process that melts solid paraffin into the surface of the floor can reduce moisture intrusion into the hardwood, especially inside the doors at the rear of the trailer.

With advanced solutions from leading suppliers, Great Dane is addressing the need for moisture protection in hardwood floors.