06:08 PM

Improving PunctureGuard

Among Great Dane's many unique product offerings is PunctureGuard. This thin yet extremely puncture-resistant material is a lighter weight option on all dry freight and refrigerated product lines. In several ways, PunctureGuard liners stand up to alternative and competitive solutions in terms of both damage prevention and cargo protection.

Already lighter than the weight of traditional FRP linings, PunctureGuard will soon weigh even less, tipping the scales at just 80 percent of the weight of other products being used in the marketplace. On a typical 53-foot trailer with approximately 900 square fleet of sidewall area, the resulting savings is about 90 lbs. When it comes to PunctureGuard, lighter does not mean that strength or performance is reduced. While incredibly thin, allowing for additional cargo carrying capacity, this unique Great Dane offering remains extremely strong. In two distinct and comprehensive tests measuring strength and impact resistance, PunctureGuard was found to be 25 to 33 percent stronger than competitive products, with 100 to 500 percent more impact resistance.

PunctureGuard's performance also translates into greater durability and longer service life. With a proven twice to three times better delamination resistance, the liner remains firmly attached to the walls of a trailer.

Designed to protect a trailer's interior walls from normal abuse, and especially during loading and unloading operations, PunctureGuardis the result of a unique and innovative manufacturing process that thermally joins woven polypropylene and glass fibers into continuous rigid panels. The lighter-weight, stronger and tougher product replaces wood and steel, traditionally the strongest materials to protect against forklift and cargo damage, but also the heaviest. Originally developed as a scuffband, PunctureGuard quickly proved to be such an excellent damage barrier that is was soon made available as an interior lining. Today, PunctureGuard liners and scuff-bands offer several benefits.

In addition to strength and lightweight advantages, PunctureGuard is easy to repair, lowering maintenance costs. It is also easy to clean, making it simpler to maintain the appearance of the liner's smooth, glossy finish, and in turn increase a trailer's resale value. PunctureGuard, an amazing product that has resulted from Great Dane's continued commitment to research and development, is now getting even better in many ways.