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High Quality, High Value

Built at three Great Dane plants, 28-ft pup trailers used by customers in single-, double- and triple-trailer configurations can represent as much as one fourth of the company's dry van production. Unlike its competitors, Great Dane does not build pup trailers as a means of filling production slots.

Designed and built specifically for the markets they serve, Great Dane pups are produced on dedicated assembly lines in the Brazil, Ind., Kewanee, Ill., and Danville, Pa. plants. The Brazil plant also produces 28-ft Classic and food service reefers, which can be fitted with a range of options including side doors and liftgates. Great Dane also builds pups with rail packages, including top and bottom lift pads and certified couplers, for intermodal carriers.

The majority of Great Dane dry freight pups are SSL models that share all of the attributes and quality inherent in their 48- and 53-ft counterparts. SSL 28-ft pups feature the same distinct interior lining consisting of a layer of 0.019-inch, 80,000-PSI galvalume steel over a rigid core.

The lining is four times more corrosion resistant than galvanized steel and will not wrinkle or easily crumple from repeated forklift impact. The puncture strength of the SSL lining is nearly six times greater than ΒΌ-inch plywood and over four times greater than MDPE plastic.

Great Dane is also unique in its approach to pup trailer manufacturing by offering a complete line of dry freight 28-ft trailers, including composite plate, plastic-lined and plywood-lined versions. Also available on the pup trailers is Great Dane's unique PunctureGuard scuffbands and wall liners, the incredibly thin, extremely puncture-resistant material.

Options on the trailers include a variety of doors and rear frames, the same range of floors offered in other dry freight trailer models, and Double Dex, the innovative technology that uses captive beams within a recessed track to create a second deck without intruding into the cargo area.

Great Dane supports pup trailer customers with a line of converter dollies built in the Kewanee plant, a highly successful product that can account for 45 percent of the market.

Loyal customers of Great Dane dry freight pups include some of the best known and most successful less-than-truckload carriers operating in North America. Those companies typically purchase these highly versatile units by the hundreds and in some cases thousands. Interested in a long-lasting product, they continue to choose Great Dane pups.