Savannah, GA,
12:00 AM

Hendrickson's SMARTLIFT

Hendrickson’s SMARTLIFT liftable slider reduces tire-wear, toll charges, and helps increase fuel efficiency. The liftable slider raises and lowers one axle, without driver interaction, based on an automatic weight sensing mechanism. It is designed for varying load operations such as beverage distribution, less-than-truckload, food service and other multi-stop fleets, as well as fleets running empty miles.

How it works:

The SMARTLIFT system paired with an automatic weight sensing control system raises or lowers the front axle on VANTRAAX slider systems to provide the optimum axle configuration based on operating conditions. The pressure in the air springs determines whether the front axle should remain on the ground or be raised to the lifted position. Based on this pressure, the suspension controls calculate the weight of the trailer load, and if the front axle is not required to support the load the axle is automatically lifted.