03:39 PM

Hendrickson Zero Maintenance Damping (ZMD) Technology

Hendrickson has developed a new technology, Zero Maintenance Damping™ (ZMD™), which is available on select VANTRAAX integrated air slider models. The new technology enables fleets to eliminate the shocks and the extra maintenance they demand because the ZMD suspension uses a chain as a downstop. This means that the air spring will provide suspension damping rather than the shocks. Shocks tend to wear out, but air springs can last more than 10 years—eliminating a maintenance item and improving damping and ride.

ZMD air springs exchange pressurized air through channels that interconnect the bellows and piston of the air spring. Unlike a shock absorber, whose damping capacity is finite and deteriorates with age, ZMD air springs provide continuous damping at a consistent rate over the life of the air spring. The new technology achieves maximum suspension damping, which translates to unparalleled ride quality and cargo protection with increased trailer component life, Hendrickson reported.

Robust chain downstops provide maximum durability, which helps reduce labor costs and maintenance hassles over the life of the trailer—and reduce the risks associated with roadside inspections and CSA violations associated with worn shock absorbers. They also provide reliable protection for trailers being loaded onto rail freight cars.

• Reduced overall suspension maintenance due to the elimination of the shock absorber
• Reduced risk associated with roadside inspections for worn or damaged shock absorbers
• Superior ride quality
• Enhanced cargo protection
• Increased trailer component life
• Uniform damping levels over the life of the air spring