Savannah, GA,
12:00 AM

Hardwoods, Easy Choice

There are two choices for flatbed flooring—wood and aluminum—and both have benefits. Overseas Hardwoods (OHC), providers of wood flooring, offers durable apitong (available in 8- to 20-ft. lengths) also known as keruing. The company has provided road load tested (RLT) apitong since 1990. This is a specific process that enables construction of full trailer-length (48-53'), machined stress-rated apitong, which eliminates: interior board ends; 100+ screws; dozens of potential maintenance areas (board ends). The process creates a stronger more durable floor system.

Twice the Life

RLT flooring can double the life of a random length floor, because wood flooring has more elasticity than aluminum. Apitong benefits include its strength to weight ratio—and natural resin that helps it "heal" itself over time. Resin also prevents drying out of flooring and repairs damaged areas. Apitong is excellent for exterior applications and does not require undercoating. While it is the best commercially available wood species for industrial exterior applications, OHC recommends adding UV inhibitors to extend the life and performance of the flooring, especially if trailers are going to sit idle for any extended period of time. For more information, visit