06:26 PM

Grote's Roadside Lighting Repair Kit

Developed as a cost-effective solution to the problem of unpredictable lighting and wiring failures that occur on the road, the new portable Roadside Lighting Repair Kit from Grote Industries contains everything a driver needs to make a field repair and return to a service facility without needing costly roadside assistance or risking an inspection violation.

Lighting and lamp failures identified during a pre-trip inspection can be costly, Grote notes. Inspection violations can impact CSA scores, for example, with failed lamps generating four to six points for both driver and fleet records. In addition, the kit can help minimize expensive road calls for lamp repairs, which can cost a fleet hundreds of dollars in service fees, plus hours of lost vehicle and driver productivity that might potentially result in delayed deliveries and customer service failures.

Packed in a small nylon duffle bag, the Grote Roadside Lighting Repair Kit is flexible and lightweight. Measuring only 11 inches long, eight inches wide and seven inches deep, the kit can be easily stowed behind a seat, under a console or in other small spaces.

The Grote Roadside Lighting Repair Kit contains 23 of the most commonly used lighting-related parts, including 12 lamps, four styles of pigtails, three unique grommets, two unique brackets, conspicuity tape and a selection of 14-gauge butt connectors. It also has a selection of zip tie fasteners to help stabilize any field repair, and has space to add additional parts and tools. The kit is also provided with an inventory sheet with part numbers and color images to help keep track of contents and replenishment needs.

Lighting failures are taken very seriously, Grote says, making its new Roadside Lighting Repair Kit an essential tool to have onboard any commercial vehicle.