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Great Dane's lightweight Everest reefers lower "TCO"

Lowering total cost of ownership (TCO) is top-of-mind for most fleet managers these days. One of the ways to accomplish this is to buy the right trailer for the application— one that is durable, lightweight and provides fuel savings. For refrigerated fleets across the Americas, the best solution is often a Great Dane Everest reefer.

Adding Cargo AND Saving Fuel
Lighter weight trailers allow the shipper/carrier additional cargo capacity towards the 80,000 lb. GCVW allowed by law. It can also translate into fuel savings as lighter vehicles burn less fuel. With Everest trailers, achieving light weight is not just about cutting specs. It's a process of balancing optimal specs and design without compromising integrity and adding costs.

With Everest trailers, Great Dane is focused on surpassing the 12,000 lb. weight barrier through innovative design. This is being achieved with extensive engineering design and testing that enables engineers to "push the envelope" of the design and material properties of numerous components.

Lightweight AND Strong
Efficient extrusion designs, use of adhesives, and state-of-the-art foaming processes help achieve strength while saving weight. In addition, Great Dane's panel foam construction not only ensures thermally efficient insulation, but the panel construction also enhances the overall strength of the trailer and makes it easier to repair.

Performance AND Durability
When it comes to optimum performance and durability, the Everest's advanced weight-saving design—along with PunctureGuard (standard) lining and ThermoGuard (optional) lining—make it the perfect solution. Add to that the enhanced strength and an advanced and modern insulating process and you have the complete package in an efficient and durable trailer.

The Bottom Line
Everest refrigerated trailers help fleets lower their TCO!

ThermoGuard iPad App Now
Available for Download
Great Dane has released its first iPad app, focusing on our company's patented ThermoGuard liner. The app includes a wide range of interactive features such as animations, dynamic charts and videos. By utilizing the app, users can focus in quickly on those features and benefits of most interest to them. The app can now be downloaded on the Apple App store at no charge. Just search under "Great Dane" or "ThermoGuard".

Some of the key information available in the app include:
• An animated comparison between traditional liners & ThermoGuard
• A visual presentation of ThermoGuard layers
• Graphics showing how traditional liners allow insulation outgassing and moisture absorption, while ThermoGuard liners greatly reduce this effect
• Product videos
• Customer testimonials
• Interactive fuel savings charts