03:33 PM

Great Dane's highly secure roof attachment method ensures durability and longevity

Unless it incurs damage or springs a leak, you're likely not to think much about your trailer's roof. It's pretty much out of sight, out of mind.

But for those in the know, it's clear that a trailer's roof is a critical design component. Without a sound roof construction process the integrity of the entire trailer is in jeopardy, potentially leading to a wide range of maintenance issues that can be costly and take your trailer out of productive service during repair.

Fortunately for Great Dane trailer customers, our dry freight roof design* offers unmatched durability and longevity due to its robust construction. It starts with galvanized steel, anti-snag roof bows that are permanently bonded to the roof sheet with a premium two-part adhesive. This tension-mounted roof sheet is then clamped to the top rail with an exclusive extruded aluminum "J" molding that adds strength and durability to the trailer's roof and top rail edge. Next, the roof attachment is closely riveted, bonding a foam sealing tape between the roof sheet and the top rail, and then finished with a neoprene sealant to prevent moisture intrusion.

Unlike bending the roof sheet around the top rail, a process which leaves the roof sheet vulnerable and prone to leaks during normal trailer wear and tear, Great Dane's highly secure roof attachment method provides confidence and dependability for lasting performance.

*Feature also available on Everest reefer models.