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Great Dane Showcases Freedom Flatbeds at 2012 GATS

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(August 23, 2012) A range of models from Great Dane's all-new series of platform and reefer trailers are on display at the 2012 Great American Trucking Show in Booth #16136. From August 23-25, attendees visiting the show in Dallas, Texas will have a chance to learn first-hand about the new standards for Great Dane's recently re-engineered trailer line.

At this year's show, Great Dane is also highlighting the official opening of the company's new flatbed trailer distribution center, located at 4115 Port Boulevard in Dallas, Texas. The new center will serve as the go-to site for Freedom trailer sales, factory and aftermarket parts and accessories, providing customers in the region with a much greater selection of stock and pre-owned trailers available for immediate purchase.

Featured at Great Dane's GATS booth will be six flatbed trailers–twin versions of the company's all-aluminum Freedom XP flatbed model, three versions of the company's versatile Freedom LT hybrid platform trailer, and an all-steel Freedom SE platform model. Offered in a wide range of configurations, the Freedom series is designed to meet the needs of most every platform operation. The entire series has been re-engineered to meet stringent standards, resulting in a tougher, longer-lasting and more efficient product. Freedom platform trailers have earned a reputation across North America for boosting payload capacities and having significant resale values.

Also on display will be one of the company's industry-leading Everest TL reefers. This reefer will feature Great Dane's patented ThermoGuard lining that significantly reduces cooling unit fuel consumption and trailer insulation degradation over the life of the trailer. The Everest TL show trailer is also equipped with Laydon Composites' aerodynamic skirt, The CURVE and CorroGuard, Great Dane's corrosion-resistant undercoating.

Freedom Flatbeds

Great Dane's newest platform trailer, the Freedom XP is an all-aluminum trailer that weighs in at just 8,200 lbs when equipped with aluminum wheels, making it nearly 1,000 lbs lighter than a comparable combination steel/aluminum trailer. Rated to handle 60,000 lbs loads concentrated in four feet and up to 120,000 lbs of uniform distributed loads, the Freedom XP maximizes payload versatility. This model is available in 48- and 53-ft. lengths and is equipped with a full-length built-in sliding winch track.

The Freedom LT combo steel and aluminum trailer is exceptionally lightweight, but built for performance with unique features that offer weight savings and reduced maintenance costs.

The Freedom SE is a heavy-duty all-steel trailer with available straight, drop or extendable body styles. This dynamo is also a corrosion-buster with structural steel side rails and other steel components that are shot blasted then protected with a high quality two-part paint process composed of an epoxy primer and black urethane topcoat.

Additional examples of highlighted features in the company's platform trailer line include:

  • Exclusive full-length one-piece main beam web with crossmembers that pass through the steel main beams on the company's all-steel SE flatbeds. The crossmembers are fastened securely using attachment clips and fatigue-resistant lock bolts to reduce metal fatigue and cracking in this high-stress area.
  • Great Dane's exclusive Model 60 support gear, which uses a constant mesh gear box for smooth operation, and proprietary replaceable shock-mounted sand shoes to reduce stresses in the mount by 50 percent.
  • Standard 6-Year Stemco Platinum Performance Plus Wheel End System, which includes Guardian HP Oil Seals, PRO-TORQ Spindle Nuts, and Integrated Sentinel Hub Caps.
  • Grote MicroNova® DOT Clearance/Marker LED lamps and a maintenance-free, fully modular and sealed Long-Life Lighting System covered by a ten-year warranty.
  • Multiple cargo securement options, including pop-up chains and winches that can be mounted beneath or recessed into side rails, or on sliding tracks mounted to the underside of the crossmembers.