Savannah, GA,
06:31 PM

Fuel Invoice Errors

Even simple math errors could be costing carriers thousands of dollars

When Pilot Flying J corporate headquarters were raided by FBI and IRS officers in April 2013, it brought immediate and widespread attention to an issue that trucking fleets deal with on a daily basis: fuel prices. While the allegations in the Pilot Flying J scandal revolved around deliberate fraud over fuel rebates (there are still lawsuits floating around over the alleged fraud), it highlighted the impact that even slight changes in fuel pricing can have on a fleet’s bottom line.

And it got the attention of many fleets. A FuelQuest survey found that 24% of surveyed fleets had changed the way they manage and review fuel invoices as a result of the scandal.

For many fleets, tracking fuel prices for both their bulk fueling needs and trucks fueling over-the-road can be a time-consuming and tedious chore. Add in the potential for fraud as well as a number of other scenarios, such as quickly fluctuating prices and simple math errors, and some fleets could be losing tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in inaccurate fuel payments and not even know it.