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Freedom XP- Driving Customers Satisfaction

For Great Dane customer, Darwin Yoder, a picture tells a very compelling story. The first load this customer hauled with his new Freedom XP all-aluminum trailer was a 10-ft long steel coil weighing 41,000 lbs loaded in the middle of the trailer. Here's what Yoder clearly saw:

• There was not any flutter at the back end of the trailer, a clear contrast to other platform trailers when it comes to handling and control.

• The Freedom XP maintained almost two inches of arch carrying this load.

• Yoder was also impressed with the radius on the top edge of the Freedom XP's extruded side rails. Other aluminum flatbeds have a square edge on the top of the side rails, which causes web straps to wear prematurely, especially when hauling lower height loads.

Key Freedom XP Specs:
The new all-aluminum Great Dane Freedom XP, available in 48- and 53-ft lengths, features an innovative two-piece bolted mainbeam to optimize overall performance. The top and bottom halves of the beams are engineered for light weight and superior strength.

Camber is locked into the final beam assembly on the Freedom XP using fail-safe, long-lasting stainless steel lock bolts front-to- rear, and the mainbeams are fastened securely with attachment clips in place of welding to prevent common stress cracking caused by twisting. Heavy-duty outriggers on the model transfer load weight from the side rails to the lower main beams and are also securely attached with specially designed fasteners.

The L-shaped bottom half of the Freedom XP's mainbeam allows for clean, durable attachment of the upper coupler and suspension. The top half of the beam accommodates Great Dane's unique crossmember attachment system. The entire design reduces wear and tear, and ensures long-lasting service life.

Standard on the Freedom XP and all Great Dane platform models is a 1.25-inch aluminum floor with four apitong nailing strips and a safety-grip surface for positive traction when walking on the deck and to help restrain cargo movement. Twelve pairs of pull-up chain ties are recessed in the floor for additional cargo securement. Also, all Freedom platform models are equipped with Great Dane Model 60 Landing Gear with a lift capacity of 55,000 lbs.

The lightweight Hendrickson INTRAAX air-ride suspension is a standard feature on Great Dane platform trailers. Its tapered- beam design combines with Hendrickson's Large-Diameter Axle (LDA) for increased bending stiffness and improved durability. The 6-Year Stemco Platinum Performance Plus Wheel End System provides additional protection for customers.

The Freedom XP and all Great Dane flatbed models combine versatility and innovation with quality workmanship, strength and durability in designs that meet the needs of platform trailer users.