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Great Dane's all-aluminum Freedom XP flatbed trailer is truly lightweight and durable, but its performance is heavy duty at heart.

Great Dane's all-aluminum Freedom XP flatbed trailer is truly lightweight and durable, but its performance is heavy duty at heart.

Previously available only in 48- and 53-ft lengths, the Freedom XP is now also offered in new 45-ft, 49-ft, 50-ft and 51-ft lengths to meet the needs of an even wider variety of customer applications.

Two years of extensive performance and component testing have proven that the new all-aluminum Freedom XP trailer can withstand the rigors of the road and maximize payload capacity. In a controlled laboratory environment, Freedom XP test trailers underwent a number of tests, including:

· Static Testing and Road Stress Measurement, which measures the displacement and strength of the trailer under both distributed and concentrated loads.

· Full Durability and Fatigue Life Estimation, in which the trailer is placed on Great Dane's Road Simulator for repeatable "over-the-road" testing.

· Drag Turn Testing on Suspension and Mounting, an evaluation of the strength of the trailer's suspension and its attaching structure.

· Braking Fatigue Testing, which gauges the effect of repeated panic braking.

· Support Gear Testing, an assessment and analysis of the load-carrying capability of the support gear attachment structure.

· Bulkhead Testing, in which the ability of the bulkhead to resist horizontal loading is tested.

Along with these assessments, Freedom XP all-aluminum trailers were also monitored while operating in different flatbed fleets, allowing day-to-day performance under multiple load types and hauling conditions. This data was sent to Great Dane's Engineering department, who also periodically inspected these trailers in the field.

Proven to be strong and durable in a wide range of applications, Freedom XP all-aluminum trailers will soon be available with sliding rear axles. This more flexible undercarriage option adds to the Freedom XP's ability to secure and haul cargo in a cost effective and versatile manner.

Enhancing safety and adding flexibility

Now featured on Great Dane's all-aluminum Freedom XP and combination aluminum-steel Freedom LT flatbed trailers is a removable chain tie-down system. Rated at 6,700 lbs, this lightweight, highly versatile cargo restraint system designed specifically for the aluminum side rails can be placed facing in or out and anywhere along the length of the trailer for added flexibility in securing various sized loads.

With its rugged strength and versatility, the removable chain tie-down system can help Great Dane customers meet recently strengthened cargo securement regulations under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's (FMCSA) Compliance Safety and Accountability (CSA) program.