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Family Tree Produce, located in Anaheim, Calif., prides itself on delivery of the finest quality fresh fruit and vegetables—from farm to fork

Family Tree is a member of ProAct, a cooperative of producers and distributors whose main goal is to provide fresh produce to foodservice operations such as restaurants and hotels, among others. The BlizzardLT coupled with Johnson's all-electric refrigeration allows Family Tree to deliver fresh produce to its customers in Southern California in an efficient, clean and green manner. The BlizzardLT truck body features composite fiberglass construction that by design is more thermal efficient than other materials used in the industry. This solution also provides Family Tree with superior durability and smooth interior and exterior surfaces that remain corrosion-free, and require minimal maintenance.

Food distribution in Southern California, especially produce, is a very demanding temperature-controlled application requiring close monitoring of temperatures and cold chain management practices. For Family Tree Produce, the BlizzardLT with Johnson's EMX Series all-electric refrigeration technology means eliminating refrigeration units that consume expensive diesel fuel and no more turning off units to comply with noise abatement rulings in certain loading and unloading areas. With the Blizzard unit the company is assured constant, quiet temperature control for its product delivery needs and route conditions.

The BlizzardLT composite truck body with EMX Series all-electric refrigeration provides maximum flexibility for food distributors who are looking to stay compliant with strict idling rules while reducing its operating costs. In California, the Johnson all-electric refrigeration system is exempt from the Transport Refrigeration Unit (TRU) regulations imposed by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) because it uses electricity instead of diesel fuel to operate.

"We have been able to gain and strengthen business such as resorts, hotels, schools, universities and theme parks, because of the noise-free and emission-free technology. In addition, other benefits for the Blizzard are the unit's modern appearance, ease of cleaning and maintenance, as well as its exceptional image and improved temperature control. The Blizzard's smooth exterior also makes applying large graphics easier, too."

--R. David Figueroa, Vice President,
Operations & Procurement for Family Tree

- For more information about Family Tree and
Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies please contact
Eduardo Navarro, Director of Business Development
enavarro@johnsontruckbodies.com or 310-418-8905.

Blizzard/ElectriMax Benefits

• Lower Operational Costs: Allelectric vs. diesel lowers operating costs more than 80 percent; low maintenance; few moving parts; low susceptibility to breakdowns

• Clean and Green Refrigeration Technology: Reduce CO2 emissions by 22 lbs. for every gallon of diesel saved; eliminates noise pollution; eliminates diesel fuel to operate refrigeration

• Product Flexibility: Available in a wide range of single- and multi-temp applications; ideal for food service, direct store delivery, leasing and many more temperature-controlled transportation applications.