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Distinctive Doors

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Side doors unlike any other on the market.

Unlock the latch to a distinct alternative in trailer side door design. Great Dane's elimination of protruding outer lock rods on trailer side doors greatly reduces the potential for damage, and recessed door hinges prevent costly repairs while still ensuring a full 180 degrees of opening.


Efficiency and cargo protection are also built into the durable side door lock system. While outer lock rods only provide two or three points of positive contact, Great Dane's Blade Lock design for side doors puts constant pressure on the doors' dual compression seals for the full height of the opening, ensuring a tight seal.


Side door frames on Great Dane trailers also contribute to overall trailer durability. Made from high-yield strength aluminum alloy extrusions that incorporate the recessed hinges and lock jams for the blade locks, the frames ensure straightness. In contrast, steel framing is usually fabricated and welded, causing warping and reduced sealing potential. In addition, stainless steel fasteners are used throughout the Great Dane design. A variety of interior options can be matched to the trailer interior, including scuff bands and cargo track.


All Great Dane trailer side doors located in high stress areas contain partial or full shrouding. These shrouds are integral to the doorframe, wrapping the top and sides. The bottom of the door opening is also reinforced along the exterior of the bottom rail with stainless steel or aluminum, extending a minimum of 24 inches ahead of and behind the door openings.


This unique side door design not only provides functionality and durability over the entire service life of a trailer, it also lowers the total cost of ownership for our customers.